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    The computer data people store on personal computer might be an open source of info about our identityHard drive encryption tool for windows 10 free download. business banking information and the habits, How to encrypt your files or folders?contacts - a large number of private computer files that men and women usually don't show to unknown people. File encryption with secure file sharing At this time, imagine someone breaking into your private computer - whether it's a hack or "physical" theft - thereby getting hold of every thing. The legal obligations to protect personal info.
Safe guarding important info is very difficult, with technology changing quickly, business practices dependent more and more on all of the gathering and make use of individual data. howto protect a folder with a password?Yet safeguarding important information is the ethical and accountability for the organizations with which people faith their own private info.password Protect File windows 10 The lawful obligations to protect important data.CompTIA's own research discovered that 52% of computer data breaches are caused by individual error, usb protect software for windows 10 while equivalent explore from IBM found that 95% of breaches have a component of human gaffe attached. More analyze from the Ponemon Institute found out that "careless employees" were the primary reason for data files breaches.
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The computer data everyone store on PC can easily be an open source of knowledge about this identity. However, if expertly handled and explored, this information files can see a whole lot more about this useful information than most of us probably have ever considered: banking info and all of your particular habits, contacts - the vast majority of private computer files that many people usually do not disclose to strangers. At this moment, imagine someone getting into your private computer - it could be a hack or "physical" burglary - and obtaining it.

Securing personal data is complex, with technology changing fairly quickly, company practices relying increasingly on all of the collection and make use of individual important info. Nevertheless securing data is the ethical and also legal responsibility for the organizations with which many people entrust his / her private data. The legal commitments to protect private data.

CompTIA's own research found out that 52% of important information breaches come from individual error, while equivalent research from IBM investigate that 95% of breaches have an element of human gaffe attached. Further examine from the Ponemon Institute found out that "careless employees" were the main cause of computer data breaches.

how to encrypt files? Encryption is a important part of a data security process. The goal is to help make sensitive data illegible if it is grabbed either at rest or in use. Data encryption can involve anything at all from a whole HDD down to the folder/file level and can also cover e-mail and endpoint encryption. Hard disks are the most commonly used storage devices, and the most reliable solution to protect information could be to completely encrypt the whole hard drive. idoo Full Disk Encryption is not only hard drive encryption software, and also this software program can encrypt encrypt hard drive.

Today, personal computers are widely used in every place. Data breaches are a possible risk to personal pc safety. In the event that your PC is lost or stolen, you will find a risk of losing priceless personal data. Is there a approach to shield files from being unveiled whether the laptop computer is lost or stolen?

idoo encryption software Keeps Your Important Information Files Secure From Prying Eyes

idoo File Encryption is a file and drive encryption software program which delivers many more usable features than other software program do. idoo's Encryption Software will provide a choice of encryption, hide, deny read, shredder and numerous others.

But this is not all. They have packed this Encryption Application along with great other capabilities you may find really helpful. Just like when someone makes an attempt to log in many times without correct password, you obtain an e-mail notification. Meanwhile, this tool closes down to stop deeper attempts.

In addition to that file encryption give you a special function to correctly monitor any disks and files. You'll get a intact message on all accesses to data together with the operating of programs. Only one quick check lets us know when any unauthorized access has occurred. You can quickly follow up and then stop access before wide damage could come about.

Before 2 years, the Attorney General received files on 850 data breaches, affecting as many as 40 million information of Californians. In 2014, there were 130 breaches, relating 2.2 million notes of Californians; in 2015, 179 breaches put over 24.2 million records data in peril. Which means nearly 63% Californians were affected individuals of a data breach in 2015 .

this encryption program incredibly effectively protects your drives and files. Negative people are unable to get to our files and info. Again, software program informs you when essays appear. This will never be the incident when you can't predict important computer data has been used for several days, weeks, or maybe months.

Furthermore, it also effectively prevent in-house attacks on data files. Sometimes documents end up in a bad hands if the workers make unauthorised endeavors to access documents. idoo Encryption Software not merely prevents illegal employee use, but also the realizing existence of this software can stop such action at first.

this tool operates quite easily and smoothly on almost any Windows operating system in current use. No matter if you require security for the company networking or perhaps just have to give protection to our financial documents on your own home home pc, idoo file encryption software will work perfectly to preserve your drives and data files fully secure and sound.

It would be of paramount importance to secure the files, exactly like we secure the family. Data leaks can lead to big problems. For everyone, various data security troubles increase, whereas for those corporations, they'll often have problems with important damage because of the data breaches. While the growth and development of internet, the menace of pc virus is rising day by day, and no body can ensure that its data could be secure all the time. In order to resolve this problem, the security information and sensible practice of data safeguard is required.

Even when most people are usually used at workplace, or at your home, Users use PCs for storing a large amount of private and confidential information. From these data to those family vacation pictures, all things is stashed on the hard disks. Thus it is extremely important to ensure that this data is secured against any illegal access.

Most people could consentrate on information safety, and thus have done the whole thing possible to prevent personal data breaches. Even so, there will always be circumstances in which much of our computer data may possibly certainly be subjected:

1. You may possibly have to go away and take care of many urgent matters, even though the Desktop computer is not shut down.

2. In office space, we save and send the data on the local area networks, in which the data files is shared by anyone in the company.

3. Family members use one or more laptops or computers in your home.

4. We could possibly damaged or lost our computers (Flash drive, CD/DVDs, removable hard disks etc.) or give those to other people.

5. Personal pc is hacked.

6. We need to have somebody to repair this OS or computer hardware.

In these scenarios, the information stored in our laptop computers, removable hard drives etc.) is really encountered with various types of dangers. For example, the important and vital computer data files may just be copied or deleted. Some of the problems can be possibly unfortunate. How you can clearly secure your data in the PCs?

In the event that users need to share desktop computer between members of your family, but nevertheless , you always would like a number of individual data files on it. Or if you just do not require that accidental person get several important files on your desktop.

idoo File Encryption allows you to have divide HDD on your PC and these can be locked and unlocked with a password within one second! In addition, while locked the document can become thoroughly hidden in the Your windows program system.

It can be not unusual for a company or individual to lose extremely important files when somebody accidentally erases or perhaps changes them. Now with idoo Software Package you will be able to immediately lock computer data files and hard disk drives in order that they can't be utilized. This software package guards files from misoperations that may set your company back with many months of additional and expensive job.

Easy methods to password protect folders

Select "Lock Folder" from "Hard Disk" on the left list. Then click "Lock Folder" to add folder you want to lock. Similarly, you can also lock file or local drives by adding those to the list through "Lock File" or "Lock Partition".

The locked files, folders and Hdd would be limited, and these files can only just be used through entering the right security password.

How can I deny access to Harddrive, files and folders.

Choose "Protect File" from "Hard Disk" on the left area. Just click "Protect floder" to add the personal files you choose to protect. Likewise, you could also protect folders or local computer drives by adding these to the list from "Protect file" or "Protect partition".

To efficiently protect computer files, the accessibility to the protected files, file folders and HDD will be denied. We may change the setting in idoo Software Application.

Learn about: Password Protect Files

Read more: USB Protection

idoo Program Keeps Your Useful Data Secure From Prying Eyes

It will be the data file and harddrive encryption tool which delivers more needed functions than others do. idoo's Computer Software will provide variety of data encryption, deny read, hide, shredder and many more.

But that's not all. It've packed the Encryption Tool with wonderful additional functions you can find especially valuable. For instance, if another person tries to log in repeatedly without the correct password, you will get an e-mail notification. Simultaneously, this software shuts down to stop further work.

In addition it give a completely unique ability to easily monitor those computer data files and drives. You see a full report on all accesses to computer files along with our running of software programs. A quick check lets you discover when any unauthorized access has occurred. You could immediately follow-up and then block enter before extensive damages could occur.

What this operating system represents is a full toolkit for those of you looking to join the dangerous and illicit world of hacking. Inside the operating system you can actually download today is a relatively vast list of applications that will allow you to crack, spoof, and rip your way into the mainframe just like your heroes from the 1990's movie Hackers, just like you've always wanted to! Have a peek at the list here, and forever hold your keyboards in glee:

Pre-installed apps on Anonymous-OS:

– ParolaPass Password Generator

– Find Host IP

– Anonymous HOIC

– Ddosim

– Pyloris

– Slowloris

– TorsHammer

– Sqlmap

– Havij

– Sql Poison

– Admin Finder

– John the Ripper

– Hash Identifier

– Tor

– XChat IRC

– Pidgin

– Vidalia

– Polipo

– JonDo

– i2p

– Wireshark

– Zenmap

…and more

This OS runs under Ubunti 11.10 and uses Mate desktop – also you've got the ability to create the LiveUSB with Unetbootin – also just like you should expect. If you want to move forward with this OS for your soon-to-be-destroyed computer, head over to The Hacker News and have a look-see. Don't say we didnt warn you though, especially since that source also notes the following:

"Warning : It is not developed by any Genuine Source, can be backdoored OS by any Law enforcement Company or Hacker.

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Avevamo già visto per la prima volta LG gram, in versione da 15 pollici, lo scorso mese di gennaio. A distanza di qualche mese il portatile premium con finiture di lusso arriva finalmente negli Stati Uniti affiancando i due modelli da 13 e 14 pollici commercializzati dallo scorso autunno. Disponibile in due varianti da 1.099 dollari con CPU Intel Core i5 e da 1.499 dollari con Core i7, LG gram non è purtroppo attualmente previsto per il mercato europeo. Ma rimane un dispositivo molto interessante.

LG gram 15 pollici

LG gram 15 pollici

Nonostante il display da 15 pollici, LG gram pesa circa un chilogrammo e dispone di ricercate caratteristiche tecniche: il display usa un pannello LCD IPS Full HD (1920x1080) con una diagonale esatta di 15,6 pollici, mentre la CPU viene accompagnata da 1Gbyte di RAM DDR3L. Molto interessante, come sui fratelli più piccoli, il rapporto fra schermo e cornici. Queste ultime sono ridotte davvero ai minimi termini, con il display che occupa gran parte della superficie del dispositivo.

Sul fronte delle porte troviamo una HDMI standard per collegare un monitor esterno, due USB 3.0, una USB 2.0, una micro-SD e non manca una porta USB 3.0 Type-C. Sotto la scocca troviamo una batterie ai polimeri di litio da due celle da 4.495 mAh (34,61 Wh) che dovrebbe consegnare, specifiche rilasciate dalla società alla mano, un'autonomia operativa da 7 ore su una singola carica. Il valore è stato misurato attraverso il benchmark MobileMark 2014.

A muovere il tutto ci penserà il sistema operativo Windows 10, disponibile sul computer portatile nella versione Home a 64-bit. Lg gram si fa conoscere però soprattutto per le sue caratteristiche stilistiche, che non per il comparto hardware. Si tratta di uno dei portatili più leggeri con display da 15 pollici: il peso inferiore al chilogrammo (980g quelli dichiarati dai coreani) è stato ottenuto grazie all'uso di una lega in magnesio e ad una scocca dal volume contenutissimo.

LG gram 15 pollici

La superficie del dispositivo misura 357,6 e 228,4 mm rispettivamente per il lato lungo e quello corto, mentre su quello dello spessore si parla di circa 17mm. Premiato agli Innovation Awards durante il CES 2016 LG gram da 15 è venduto negli USA sia online che nei canali di rivendita al dettaglio nell'esclusiva colorazione New Gold.

L'IDF 2016 di Shenzen, Cina, è stata occasione per Intel di presentare la piattaforma Apollo Lake di prossima generazione. Il nome indica le soluzioni destinate ai PC di più piccole dimensioni, intendendo quindi tanto piccoli notebook come le soluzioni desktop più compatte oltre ovviamente ai tablet.

Il debutto delle soluzioni Apollo Lake è vicino: si parla infatti della seconda metà del 2016, con versioni di processore basate su architettura nota con il nome in codice di Goldmont costruite con tecnologia produttiva a 14 nanometri. Il nome commerciale di questi processori continuerà a rimanere quello Atom, scelto da Intel per indicare le proprie architetture consumer a più basso consumo.

Tra le caratteristiche tecniche di questi processori segnaliamo l'architettura dual oppure quad core a seconda della versione, con TDP abbinati che partono da 6 Watt sino ad un massimo di 10 Watt. Il package sarà quello BGA, pertanto queste soluzioni saranno saldate direttamente sulla scheda madre e non proposte su socket. Si tratta di una scelta del resto pressoché scontata per proposte di questo tipo, in considerazione del target d'uso.

La piattaforma Apollo Lake prevede l'abbinamento a 4 Gbytes di memoria LPDDR3, ma i produttori potranno eventualmente anche utilizzare memoria DDR3L oppure i moduli LPDDR4 a seconda delle proprie preferenze di configurazione per i sistemi.

Con Apollo Lake Intel punta a fornire una soluzione hardware completa per i produttori impegnati nei sistemi PC a più basso costo, fornendo loro un risparmio economico rispetto alle configurazioni attualmente disponibili sul mercato e contemporaneamente offrendo superiori prestazioni velocistiche. Non solo questo: la piattaforma permette di contenere anche i consumi complessivi, incrementando l'autonomia a parità di batteria o permettendo di costruire sistemi che a parità di autonomia siano caratterizzati da una batteria più compatta.


chou jeck May 1 '16 · Tags: batteria, computer

Surfant sur la vision de Microsoft de faire tourner des terminaux mobiles Windows 10 sur un PC de bureau avec sa fonction Continuum, NexDock a lancé un financement participatif pour lancer un ordinateur portable capable de faire tourner les contenus et interfaces de n'importe quels smartphone et tablette. D'autres prototypes plus ambitieux sont aussi dans les tuyaux.

L'idée de Microsoft de permettre de faire tourner sur l'écran d'un PC fixe ou portable l'interface et les contenus provenant d'un smartphone ou d'une tablette Windows 10 ont manifestement donné des idées à certains. En particulier NexDock qui a repris à sa sauce la fonction Continuum de la firme de Redmond mais en a étendu le principe à d'autres terminaux non estampillés Windows. Le projet est actuellement porté via la plateforme de financement participatif Indiegogo et a pour l'heure recueilli plus de 25 000 dollars sur l'objectif de 300 000 dollars visés.

Atelier participatif Cloud en pratique - Mardi 22 mars 2016
Le premier Atelier Participatif aura lieu le 22 mars 2016 sur le sujet « Cloud en pratique : Une mise en oeuvre pertinente ». Trois débats permettront d'étudier les différents aspects du scénario : Migrer son SI en tout ou partie vers le cloud, Sécuriser le cloud externe et Garantir la fiabilité et la disponibilité du cloud.
Pour près de 149 dollars, les personnes intéressées pourraient ainsi s'équiper un ordinateur portable « nu » doté d'un écran de 14 pouces, d'une batterie de 10 000 mAh ainsi que d'un clavier Bluetooth. Relié à un smartphone ou à une tablette Windows ou Android, ce terminal - baptisé NexPad - permet ainsi d'afficher l'interface et le contenu de ces périphériques. A noter que le NexPad ne dispose d'aucun processeur, mémoire ou stockage, toute l'informatique étant embarquée dans le terminal invité et non dans l'ordinateur hôte.


Les constructeurs de tablettes et smartphones suivront-ils la folle idée de NexDock ?
Mais ce n'est pas tout : NexDock travaille également à plusieurs concepts intégrant un connecteur USB-C mâle, soit sur le socle de l'écran (pour le prototype d'ordinateur fixe), soit en façade arrière (pour le prototype d'ordinateur portable), sur lequel viendrait s'enficher aussi bien une tablette qu'un smartphone sous Windows 10, Android ou Ubuntu. Une vidéo publiée sur You Tube permet de se rendre compte de l'ingéniosité de ces concepts. Reste toutefois à savoir si NexDock parviendra à persuader les constructeurs de terminaux de changer l'emplacement de leur connecteur USB-C femelle, généralement positionné sur la tranche ou sur le côté, sur la coque arrière.

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mana stive Apr 16 '16 · Tags: batteria, computer

Windows 10 (like its predecessor, Windows 8.1) comes with a hidden battery report feature that you can only access from the command line. The report provides detailed readouts on the usage, status, and health of your laptop’s battery. It can be an invaluable tool in making sure your system’s running smoothly and spotting power problems before they get serious.

How to Find a Hidden Battery Report Feature on Your Windows 10 Laptop

Generating the report itself is easy: launch a command prompt window with administrative privileges by right-clicking on the Start button and choosing Command Prompt (Admin). Type out:powercfg /batteryreport /output “C:\battery_report.html”

Then hit Enter, and your finished report can be found in the root directory of the C: drive (or wherever you specified).

Understanding the report is a little trickier, but it’s not impossible. You get information on the full specifications of the installed battery, as well as recent usage and battery capacity charts (which should give you some indication of its current health). Battery life estimates is an interesting section to check to see if you’re getting the time between charges specified by the manufacturer.

Many users won’t technically need to run these reports, but if you like to know everything that’s happening on your machine, then it’s a great way to get more information about your battery. If there’s a large discrepancy between the full charge capacity and the capacity figures on report, for example, it might be time to buy a replacement battery.

Sony is recalling its VAIO laptop battery packs due to concerns they could become a fire hazard.

The battery packs risk overheating due to a manufacturing flaw, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The recall includes battery packs sold with Sony’s VAIO E Series notebooks with product codes SVE15137CGP, SVE15137CGS and SVE15138CGW.

The notebooks were sold nationally by authorised VAIO resellers, including Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi, from 1 December 2012 to 1 September 2013.

Sony has issued a statement apologising for the inconvinience and asking customers to call their customer service team to discuss the next step.

The issue is a manufacturing one which has the potential to burn parts of the battery packs. We are implementing a free replacement program for the affected battery packs, Sony said in a statement.

If you are using one of the VAIO personal computer models listed below, please confirm if your battery pack is one of those affected via the link below. If it is identified as an affected unit, please immediately remove the battery pack from your PC. With the battery pack removed, you may continue to use your PC safely with an AC adapter.

DELL XPS L501x Battery , Dell vostro 1510 Battery , Toshiba Satellite A300 Battery

Sony also pointed out that the affected battery packs were provided by Panasonic.

This is the fourth laptop battery recall the ACCC has flagged this year. Microsoft commenced a mass recall of power cords in January, which affected all Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 devices sold before 15 July 2015.

Toshiba and Panasonic were also forced to recall laptop batteries last month.

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