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Auto accidents are a significant cause of disabling injuries and deaths throughout the nation.

The facts about automobile accidents are alarming:

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motor vehicles accidents killed 43,443 Americans in 2005.

Another 2,494,000 people were injured in automobile crashes in that year alone.

Of those who died in highway accidents, four out of four were occupants of motor vehicles.

About 4,550 of the deceased victims were motorcyclists.

Another 5,665 of the people killed in automobile accidents were bicyclists or pedestrians.

17,000 of the deadly motor vehicle accidents were related to alcohol use.

An automobile accident can be an upsetting experience. But it is important not to panic after an automobile accident. In lieu, keep a clear head.

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First, and most important, Stay Calm

Focus first maytwenforthblog on acting to protect yourself and help other automobile accident victims. Do not speak about the automobile accident with somebody other than the police. Do not blame somebody, including you. Never argue with the other driver -- even in case you are sure that person caused the automobile accident.

Second, Get Help

Do not leave the site of the automobile accident. Call 9-1-1 from the automobile accident scene, to tell police about the collision. If somebody was injured, ask the 9-1-1 operator to send emergency Disk Defragmenter Analysis Shows More File Fragments Than File Size Suggests medical personnel to the automobile accident site immediately.

Set flares, in case you carryover them, to warn other drivers to slow down and avoid the people and vehicles involved in the automobile accident.

Receive the Drivers Facts

Write down the name, address, phone number, driver's license number and state, license plate number, registration, and auto insurance information, including the insurance policy owner number.

Possession Facts

If the driver of the other vehicle was not the owner, write down the name, address, insurance company, and auto insurance policy owner number of the owner of that vehicle.

Injured Parties

Ask the police about all injured parties, including the passengers in the automobiles. If Description Of The Publisher 2003 Post-Service Pack 2 Hotfix Package: February 12, 2007 feasible, take down Causes Of Crohn their names, addresses, dates of birth, gender, and extent of injuries.


Look around for somebody who may Affiliate Marketing Increases Internet Presence have seen the automobile accident, including bystanders and occupants of other vehicles. Be sure to write down the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all these witnesses.


Write down the make, body type, year, and license number of all the motor vehicles involved in the automobile accident. Also, note What is Cholesterol the damage to each of the vehicles.

Automobile Accident Scene

Draw a diagram of the automobile accident site. Mark down the street names, and the location of any cease lights, traffic control signs, or other landmarks. Note the path of each motor vehicle before the place where they collided.

Protect Your Health

After an automobile accident, get medical attention. Sometimes, automobile accident victims are stunned right after a bad collision to know whether or not they were hurt. Therefore, it is wise to see your personal physician as soon as feasible. Tell your doctor about the motor vehicle collision, so that they or they can check for internal injuries that may result from a traumatic accident.

Document the Automobile Accident

If police did not come to the automobile accident scene, call the police to file a document, as soon as you can make a phone call. If the driver of the other vehicle fled the crash scene, you still must document the automobile accident to the police. Receive a duplicate of the police document whenever it is available.

File an Auto Insurance Claim

Tell your auto insurance company about the automobile Teens! Do You Really Need to Lose Weight? accident immediately and get an insurance claim number. Ask the auto Duplicate E-mail Messages Are Downloaded From A POP3 E-mail Server Account In Outlook 2003 insurance representative to open a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) file, to Error Message When You Deploy The Sybari Enterprise Manager Or Microsoft Antigen Enterprise Manager Deployment Agent On A Remote Server: "Failed To Deploy The Agent. Reason: Access Is Denied – Error Creating The Deployment Agent On Server" preserve all of your rights under your policy owner.

Be sure to let your insurance company know in case you were in a hit-and-run automobile accident. Some insurance policies require notice of a claim involving an unidentified driver Error Message When You Try To Close The Period Or The Year In Project Controller In Microsoft Dynamics SL: "Open <XX> Batches Exist" within 30 days of the automobile accident.

Tell your own auto insurance company that you claim your right to any uninsured or under insured driver coverage, in case the automobile or van that hit you was not covered by motor vehicle insurance. Insurance firms often require prompt notice of these claims and may deny these benefits to somebody who does not follow the strict requirements in their policies.

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