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Date & time Dec 5 '17
Ardenvoir, WA
Creator lily elice

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Adhering buy wow gold joints for intricate wire sculpture?I would like to make a wire sculpture that is as intricate as I possibly can make it. I want to use very small gauge wire (don't really care what material), cut small pieces and connect them together. For a visual, I did a (sloppy) sketch of the idea and attached the photo, and it would continue to expand from there. There will be multiple joints close to each other, done one at a time. I want to create in on the fly, I will not have any pre formed pattern. I've been looking at soldering, brazing, welding and I don't see anything that would fit perfectly for what I want to do. I believe the heat from the next joint would destroy any previous joints. The idea of simply zapping a joint and quickly moving on appeals to me, but I don't mind being more patient in order to do it right. Of course it will probably melt the solder on the previous joints if they're short pieces of wire.

You can make that a non issue by forming, cutting and placing the wires down on a flat surface (something that won't burn but not metal, so you don't solder it to the surface). Once it is all laid out you can go around all the joints with flux then solder them all, one by one. When finished clean it all up, if there are any ugly spots, put it back down and tidy them up (reheat, add or remove solder, let cool, wipe clean).


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